January 2022 Meeting

Cayuga Bird Club Meeting Minutes
1/10/22 7:30 pm
Via Zoom

Attendance: 80

Share your photos night!
Led by Keven McGowan
Many interesting stories and photos were shared.

Presentations ended around 9:10, a bit later than the usual presentation window.

Next Month’s Meeting
CBC’s first international webinar
Monday, February 14, 2021 (second monday of month).
Finca Cántaros: Bird conservation in Coto Brus, Costa Rica,
Presented by Lilly Briggs with colleagues Paz Irola and Ernesto Carman.
Register at club's website: cayugabirdclub.org/webinars

Spring Ornithology with Steve Kress 2022
Thursdays, March 31- May 19 (8 weeks)
Price: $125
Open for registration: cayugabirdclub.org/Spring-ornithology

Proposal: Donate $5000 to FLLT for Bell Station

- FLLT is under contract to buy Bell Station from NYSEG
- Plan is to sell lakeshore to NYS DEC later this year, to be made into a State Wildlife Management Area (WMA)
- Park Foundation provided low-interest loan for most of the multi-million dollar deal (actual amount not disclosed)
- FLLT needs to raise $500,000 by May
- Proposal: club donation of $5000 towards this effort

Club finances are in good shape, and can afford this:
- Current CBC Balance is $40k
- Available uncommitted balance: $14k

Proposal Motioned by Donna Scott
Sandy Podulka seconded

Questions and Discussion:

Q: Is this contingent on FLLT raising remaining $495k? Should we make this a pledge instead of a donation? What happens to the money if FLLT fails to raise its $500k target?
A: We're confident that FLLT can raise the funds, that Andy Zepp is very skilled at raising such funds. At worst, in the unlikely event that this deal falls through, the money goes to other worthy FLLT causes.

Q: I hope the club will make similar considerations to save Camp Barton.
A: The Camp Barton situation is different but on our radars, and will be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting. At the moment there is no clear action for the club to take, but we will keep our ears open. When the time comes, if anyone feels it is a worthy of a club donation, they may fill out the application form on our website and it will be evaluated by the Executive Committee.

Proposal passed 40-2

Field Trips are ON HOLD while waiting for Omicron to settle.
Check the calendar on the club's website, where trips may be added "last minute" once we think Omicron levels are safe again.

Conservation Action Committee will be planning for Spring Activities soon.
Contact Jody to participate in Zoom planning meeting (jodyenck@gmail.com).
Get involved!

Great Backyard Bird Count
February 18-21 (Friday-Monday).
Count feeder birds and submit to eBird.
Count birds in your backyard, local park or wherever you spot a bird and submit your observations online. Birdcount.org

World Series of Birding
Saturday, May 14, 2022
Traditionally held in New Jersey, this year can bird anywhere in East Coast.
Competitive: within one state;
Non-Competitive: can cross state lines.
Fundraiser for NJ Audubon, or some other organization.
Registration open in mid-February

Floor was open for questions

There was request for more information about Camp Barton situation.
Due to a lawsuit, the national Boy Scouts need to pay some huge sum, and each chapter is responsible for coming up with a portion. The local chapter that owns Camp Barton must come up with ~1-2 million (forget the exact figure). If they sell Camp Barton, it would raise much more (~4-6 million?). Even within the local Boy Scout leadership there's question of whether to sell, though they seem to be leaning towards selling.

Word from Andy is that he has made suggestions that the parties are not following. He thinks the State Park is a good option, but the State Park people are not interested. One current idea floating around seems to be to have Trumansburg, Ulysses, and Covert manage a park, but much is still up in the air.

The Town of Lansing just got a grant to improve its parks. Do we know anything about that? There are some ideas like elimining the parking lot near the spit, which may actually be a good thing birdwise. Another issue is parking at Salt Point, which can see up to 70 cars on a busy summer day. Information is available on the Lansing Parks website. If you find anything concerning, feel free to let us know.

Chat time

Meeting closed at 9:50pm