January Meeting Minutes

Cayuga Bird Club, January 8, 2018

President Wes Blauvelt called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. He asked whether any visitors would like to introduce themselves. One did: Phil McNeil.

Wes thanked the cookie providers: Colleen Richards and Wes Blauvelt, and passed a sign-up sheet for cookies for the rest of the year.

A motion to approve the December minutes was approved.

There were no field trips in December however Bob McGuire reported on the trip around the lake that he, Ken Kemphues, and Diane Morton took on the cold day when the trip was intended.

Upcoming field trips:

Jan. 14, led by Bob McGuire and Ken Kemphues, whole day trip around the lake, meet at Stewart Park at 8 am.

Jan. 21, led by Diane Morton and Ken Kemphues, half-day trip looking for winter birds, meet at Stewart Park at 8 am.

Beginning bird walks continue on weekends at Sapsucker Woods, weather permitting.

The next club meeting is February 12, when Bob McGuire will talk about his trip recording birds in Siberia.

Paul Anderson reported on the Christmas Bird Count which took place on Jan. 1. Eleven records were set despite very cold weather. There had been talk in Dec. about modifying some of the count areas but it was decided to leave them unchanged.

Wes received a message from the lab requesting better cleanup after our meetings.

Jody Enck reported on the two trips the club is sponsoring, one to Honduras and one to Costa Rica. There is still time to sign up for Costa Rica.

Jody read the list of the birds of the Cayuga Basin.

Kevin McGowan was the MC for the “Share your Photos” presentations. A record 23 people made submissions: Bob McGuire, Magnus Fiskesjo, Marty Schlabach, Gail Shapiro, Ann Mitchell, Carl Steckler, Tracy McLellan, Wes Blauvelt, Donna Scott, Sandy Wold, Suan Yong, John Confer, Diane Morton, Andre LaClair, Paul Anderson, Bob Horn, Lindsay Goodloe, Sarah Blodgett, Becky Hansen, Judy Burrill, Mark Chao, Muhammad Arif, Kevin McGowan. As always, it was a lot of fun.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Hansen, Recording Secretary