January Meeting Minutes

President Paul Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. He thanked Colleen Richards for bringing the cookies. Sandy Wold and Marie Read volunteered to bring them for the next meeting. Sarah Blodgett was introduced as a new member and Scott Anthony, a visitor.

There are thousands of Redheads out on Lake Cayuga now, as well as two peregrine falcons on Bradfield Hall on the Cornell campus.

The next bird club meeting is scheduled for Feb. 9. So far, there is no speaker but perhaps Suan Yong will move his talk up to February from its current later spot. There will be live-streamed events at the lab on Jan. 29 and 31 about an Adelie Penguin colony. Check the lab website for details.

Bob McGuire gave the field report for the trip he led on Jan. 11 up the east side of the lake. Thirteen people enjoyed the usual ducks, as well as horned and eared grebes and a flyby peregrine. He also mentioned that there is an interesting blog on the Audubon website about the big year of Noah Strycker.

Ann Mitchell reported on the trip she led on Dec. 20 to see Short-eared Owls. Nine people joined her for wonderful viewing.

Upcoming trips:

Jan. 25, Diane Morton and Ken Kemphues

Feb. 7, Suan Yong

Be sure to check the club website for any updates. Donna Scott updated us on the Boy Scout project in Union Springs. The scout is willing to change his plan to put in a path by the pond. Donna suggested that we come up with some suggestions for an alternate plan.

Susan Danskin read the list of the Birds of the Cayuga Basin.

Kevin McGowan was the host for the annual Share Your Pictures night. Contributors were: Suan Yong, Larry Hymes, Andre LeClair, Bob McGuire, Diane Morton, Chris Pelkie, Donna Scott, Carl Steckler, Dave Nicosia, Mark Chao, Paul Anderson, Bob Horn, and Kevin McGowan

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Hansen