Officer Nominations for 2012 Elections

By Laura Stenzler

At our Annual Members Meeting in October, as stipulated in the club bylaws, we will be voting for club officers and one Director. The Nominating Committee (Linda Orkin, Laura Stenzler, and Bob McGuire) is presenting the following slate of officer nominees as it stands right now. If you are a member of the Cayuga Bird Club, be prepared to vote at our October meeting. Please give some serious thought to volunteering yourself. If you wish to know more about the duties associated with these positions or are interested in placing your name on the slate, please get in touch with Linda Orkin by September 15. Nominations also will be accepted from the floor at the October meeting. If you plan to nominate someone, you must be sure that person wishes to be nominated!

President: Linda Orkin

Linda, our current president, has been active in the birding community for many years. In addition to all of the work she has done over the past year as President of the Cayuga Bird Club, she is a docent for the outreach program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and has led and coordinated weekend bird walks at Sapsucker Woods for the past four years. She has coordinated the Ithaca Christmas Bird Count for the last three years and looks forward to continuing her work as president for a second term.

Vice President: Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson got hooked on birding when he took the Lab of O’s Spring Field Ornithology course five years ago and has been a member of the club since then. He contributed photos to Birding in the Cayuga Lake Basin, and last year he became the club webmaster and overhauled the website. Paul has volunteered to chair the Field Trip Committee this year and hopes to work closely with the other officers during this term.

Corresponding Secretary: Colleen Richards

Colleen is willing to continue as corresponding secretary, working closely with our club president and treasurer to assure that all donations, volunteer activities, etc. are properly acknowledged. She has also been corresponding with our program speakers to assure they have all they need when speaking to the club, including dinner beforehand!

Treasurer: Susan Danskin

Susan has been club treasurer since October 2009, after stepping down from her position as club president. She is looking forward to continuing her work. She has been a club member for a number of years, working on various committees and leading many field trips

Recording Secretary: Becky Hansen

Becky recently moved to Ithaca after nearly 40 years in the NYC area,specifically to take advantage of the opportunities here to learn more about birds. She enjoys participating in the bird club meetings, field trips, the Christmas bird count, and going to Monday Night Seminars. She is training to be a docent to lead bird walks at the Lab of Ornithology. She greatly enjoyed the Spring Field Ornithology class this year. Becky’s interest in birding extends beyond the US. Particular thrills include trips to Kenya and Tanzania and to PNG when her daughter was able to join her. She is happy to have the chance to be more involved with the Cayuga Bird Club.

Director: Bob McGuire

Bob, the current vice president, has been an avid birder for many years and has been active in the club, leading numerous field trips, as well as serving on the Field Trip and the Speaker Committees. He also served as editor of the club’s new bird guide, Birding in the Cayuga Lake Basin.